Diamond Service Company

Born of an idea of Maurizio Spoldi, DSC is much more than a serious and accredited firm in the goldwork and jewellery market. It is the place where one can find trusty consultants capable of satisfying any need regarding purchases, sales and investments in precious metals and jewellery, offering assistance in the choice of high quality at the best market price.


Maurizio Spoldi

Maurizio Spoldi has been a key player in the jewellery and gemmology sector for over thirty years, both as a consultant and as a registered expert at the Chamber of Commerce. After lengthy experience as manager and CEO of leading concerns in the field of certification – such as CISGEM S.p.A. and GECI, the Gemmological Education Certification Institute – he established the Diamond Service Company (DSC), a training and consultancy firm in the jewel, diamond and precious metals business