Rigorously certified fashion jewels, precious materials and traceability of all components. DSC sells and purchases optimum quality jewels, and creates precious objects at the client’s request. Amongst the services provided, in addition to maintenance and care, DSC makes estimates and appraisals of jewellery, goldwork, numismatics and silverwork, assessing placements in the leading international auction houses.



DSC INVESTMENT is a company born of the cooperation between DSC Srl and Amin Luxury, two leaders in the world of investment jewellery and diamonds. DSC Investment’s mission is to offer investment opportunities in precious stones within a framework of the utmost transparency, safeguarding investors’ assets and fully protecting savers’ capital. DSC investment diamonds comply with the Kimberly Process.



Diamond Service Company srl is listed under no. 5007950 in the Elenco Operatori Professionali in Oro (professional gold operators registry). DSC GOLD is the name of the firm dedicated to gold investments. DSC Gold sells investment gold and, on request, offers certified ingots. A team of specialised consultants assists clients in choosing the investments most suitable for their financial capacities, by type – coins or ingots –, weight and quantity.